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  • Time to change you Ohio will.

    When Should I Change My Will?

    When should I change my will? If you are asking yourself this important question then that probably means something major…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Why hire a family law attorney

    How an Attorney Can Help With Your Family Law Issues

    Divorce. Child Custody why not try this out. Paternity. Grandparents Rights. Whatever the Ohio family law issue you are currently…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • How to prepare for a divorce in Ohio

    Financial Misconduct in an Ohio Marital Dissolution

    The divorce process requires both spouses to provide extensive disclosure and candor regarding assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. Marital dissolutions…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Small business attorney in Columbus Ohio discusses debt judgement collections in Ohio.

    The Basics to Enforcing Business Debt Judgments in Ohio

    While the process of obtaining a judgment through business litigation can be a daunting and futile ordeal without legal representation,…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Shannon Dawes, a small business law attorney in Columbus, Ohio.

    Small Business Formation Errors by Columbus Ohio Business Attorney

    Although the web might provide a home to many lists for entrepreneurs starting a business, a paucity of information exists…

    by Shannon Dawes