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  • Free Consultation with Shannon Dawes Dividing Trusts in an Ohio Divorces

    Dividing Trusts in an Ohio Divorce

    Dividing Trusts in an Ohio Divorce Couples going through a divorce in Ohio usually understand they will need to divide…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Free case review for divorce with Attorney Shannon Dawes

    Columbus Ohio Attorney Discusses Divorce and Retirement Benefits

    How will your retirement plans be treated during the course of your Ohio divorce? Below you will find some helpful…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Key Benefits of Estate Planning in Ohio

    Frequently Asked Questions about Ohio Powers of Attorney

    At Dawes Legal, LLC, we help numerous families work through the process of obtaining power of attorney. We have found…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • The Conciliation Process in an Ohio Divorce

    Knowing When to Hire a Divorce Attorney

    At the outset of an Ohio divorce, it can be difficult to know when you need to hire an attorney.…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Valuation of Assets within an Estate Plan

    Understanding Your Options for Division of Property in an Ohio Divorce

    Division of property can be one of the most contentious issues during the course of a divorce. In Ohio, you…

    by Shannon Dawes