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  • Why hire a family law attorney

    Rights of Extended Family Members in Ohio Custody Cases

    Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins all play a crucial role in a child’s life. When a child’s parents get…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Consider an Estate Plan

    Motions to Suppress: The What, The Why, and The How

    When you are charged with one or more criminal offenses, it is the prosecution’s burden to prove you are guilty…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Estate Planning in Ohio?

    Every so often, a survey (like this 2017 survey from suggests that a solid majority of Americans do not…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Ohio Last Will and Testament attorney

    Oral Gifts Made Preceding Death in Ohio

    As a person nears the end of his or her life, it is common for that person to gather his…

    by Shannon Dawes