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  • Ohio Last Will and Testament attorney

    What To Do if You Find a Loved One’s Will Too Late

    Suppose that a beloved family member passed away. Before passing, this family member did not disclose to you or any…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Living Trust lawyer in Columbus Ohio

    What is Difference Between a Living Will and Power of Attorney Ohio?

    At Dawes Legal, LLC, we enjoy being able to help educate clients on estate planning matters. Not only to we…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Columbus Ohio estate planning attorney

    The Incomplete Will: The Legal Issues Concerning “Do-it-yourself” Will or Trust Kits in Ohio

    Perhaps a loved one heard about a “do-it-yourself” will or trust kit on the radio or from an online advertiser.…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Ohio Carrying a Deadly Weapon Charge Lawyer

    Possessing and Carrying “Deadly Weapons” in Ohio

    Allegations that a person has committed certain crimes with a “deadly weapon” are serious legal matters. Even carrying a “deadly…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Adoption attorney in Columbus, Ohio (OH)

    Can a Birth Parent Object to Their Child’s Adoption?

    One of the chief conflicts in streaming-service Hulu’s new miniseries, Little Fires Everywhere (based on a novel of the same…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Parental Alienation Syndrome Attorneys in Columbus OH

    Don’t Throw Away Your Parenting Plan in the Pandemic

    Some Ohio parents have enough trouble getting their child’s other parent to follow a parenting plan during ordinary times. When…

    by Shannon Dawes