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Estate Planning

  • Columbus Ohio estate planning attorney

    Can My Loved One’s Estate Planning Attorney Help Us Administer an Ohio Estate?

    Finding a lawyer that one can trust is not easy. Oftentimes, individuals choose attorneys based upon the recommendations and experiences…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Valuation of Assets within an Estate Plan

    Differences Between an Estate Planning Lawyer and Probate Lawyer in Ohio

    A qualified Ohio estate planning lawyer and a lawyer who handles probate matters are both professionals who can assist individuals…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • How Estate Planning May Prevent Elder Abuse in the State of Ohio

    The headlines do not even begin to describe the full extent of America’s elder abuse problem. The National Council on…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Does an Estate Plan Help My Family Settle My Affairs More Quickly in Ohio?

    Under ideal circumstances, a decedent’s estate in Ohio should be settled within six months after the probate case is initially…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Consider an Estate Plan

    Five Things About Ohio Estate Planning You Should Know

    Planning your estate does not have to be a difficult process, but it can be a learning experience for those…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Why Don’t I Get My Inheritance Now?

    It’s a common misconception (fed by television shows and other works of fiction) that when a person dies testate (that…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Small business attorney in Columbus Ohio discusses debt judgement collections in Ohio.

    Arbitration or Litigation in Probate Disputes in Ohio?

    Administering a decedent’s estate is not always an easy task. Where the decedent died with a will or trust in…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Estate Planning in Ohio?

    Every so often, a survey (like this 2017 survey from suggests that a solid majority of Americans do not…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Ohio Last Will and Testament attorney

    Oral Gifts Made Preceding Death in Ohio

    As a person nears the end of his or her life, it is common for that person to gather his…

    by Shannon Dawes
  • Franklin County Ohio estate planning lawyer

    Do You Need a Large Amount of Property to Draft a Will in Ohio?

    One common reason lawyers hear for people not drafting wills is people think they do not have enough property to…

    by Shannon Dawes