Frequently Asked Questions About Terminating Child Support in Ohio

Frequently Asked Questions About Terminating Child Support in Ohio
July 25, 2018 Shannon Dawes
Shannon Dawes, a small business law attorney in Columbus, Ohio.

Child support orders can be terminated in Ohio for several reasons. Below, you will find a list of frequently asked questions and answers about Ohio termination of child support, prepared by Dawes Legal, LLC.

Under what circumstances can child support be terminated in Ohio?

Child support can be terminated under several situations, including:

  • Death of the child or death of the parent paying child support;
  • Marriage of the child;
  • Deportation of the child;
  • Adoption of the child;
  • Emancipation of the child (in Ohio, this means 18 years old if the child is not a full-time student or 19 years old regardless of student status);
  • Enlistment by the child in the armed services; or
  • Change in legal custody of the child (for instance, termination of the parental rights of the parent paying child support).

Additionally, if the parents of the child marry each other or remarry each other after having been divorced, a Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) can pursue termination of the child support in Ohio.

What is the procedure for terminating child support in Ohio?

The parties will notify a CSEA if they want to terminate child support because one of the above-listed situations has occurred. The CSEA will conduct an investigation and make a determination about termination or continuation of the support. If the parties do not agree with the determination, they have the right to a hearing. If the parties want to terminate support for a reason other than those listed above, they will need to pursue this action through a court, rather than a CSEA.

What if I do not notify a CSEA, and my child turns 18 years old in Ohio?

If neither party to the child support agreement has notified the CSEA about a reason for termination, the CSEA will conduct an investigation on its own near the child’s 18th birthday. The CSEA will make a determination about whether child support should continue to age 19 based on the child’s enrollment in school.

Can a child’s support ever continue past the age of emancipation in Ohio?

Yes, if the child is enrolled in school full time, it is likely the support will continue to age 19. There are also other situations in which support may extend beyond age 18, including:

  • The child has not graduated but is attending an accredited high school or state-recognized program;
  • The child has been determined mentally or physically disabled, in which case support will continue for the duration of the disability; or
  • The divorce or child support agreement of the parents provides that support will continue beyond the age of emancipation.

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