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How Can I Be Proactive About Preventing Business Litigation?

How Can I Be Proactive About Preventing Business Litigation?
February 10, 2016 Shannon Dawes

Avoiding business litigation before it starts.

Nothing can derail the success and growth of your business faster than business litigation in Lancaster Ohio. There are some things you can do now to help you prevent litigation in the future. If a lawsuit is unavoidable, being proactive can give you a stronger foothold should it go to court.

Employee Related Litigation

Your employees, as much as you trust them and rely on them, could potentially be a source of legal action. One way to help prevent legal action by an employee is by creating a comprehensive handbook that outlines all of your policies that are important to you and your company when it comes to employee-employer relationships.

This should include information regarding absences, sick leave and personal days, vacation time, issues of confidentiality, harassment, and discrimination. Run your business with this handbook in mind and it will reduce the likelihood of employee related litigation.

Terms for Customers and Clients

It should be clear to all of your customers and your vendors what the terms are for buying from or selling to your company. Put your terms in writing and review them regularly with legal counsel to ensure they are working on your behalf. This might not help you avoid all legal disputes, but it will give you a critical advantage should any of the terms in question become part of a lawsuit visit this site right here.

When you invest yourself in your business, you want to protect it from lawsuits. While you can take some steps yourself, it’s important to be sure you’re covering your bases by hiring a business attorney to give you guidance on what will give you the greatest advantages. For help preventing, and dealing with, business litigation in Lancaster Ohio, contact the team at Dawes Legal.