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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Columbus, Ohio

Natalie A. Noyes, Esq.  – Protecting Your Rights; Defending Your Freedom

Every person in the State of Ohio and the United States possesses the fundamental right to be free from governmental intrusion into their lives. Despite that promise made in the U.S. Constitution and the Ohio State Constitution, thousands of people each year face criminal charges in Ohio courtrooms. Ohio passed a series of complex laws, now found in the Ohio Criminal Code, that seek to modify people’s behavior and criminalizes any transgression of the law.

The punishments in Ohio can be substantial on their own. However, the collateral consequences of facing criminal charges in Ohio can be devastating as well. Therefore, if you are an adult or juvenile facing criminal charges in Ohio, you need expert legal help that will maximize your chance to beat the case or minimize the sanction you receive.

Ohio criminal defense attorney Natalie A. Noyes, Esq. has the experience, skill, knowledge, and determination you need on your side to guard your rights and achieve a favorable outcome for your Ohio criminal case. You can rely on Attorney Noyes’ years of experience prosecuting and defending cases in adult and juvenile criminal courts throughout Ohio.  Attorney Noyes’ extensive experience toiling in the trenches day-to-day gives her clients the confidence to know that she will protect them from the mighty arm of the law.

Do not take on the government all alone.

Criminal defense attorneys in Ohio play a vital role in the judicial system. Their purpose is not to obfuscate the truth or be sleazy. Instead, a criminal defense attorney like Natalie A. Noyes, Esq. will battle the prosecuting attorney for you. Her role is to do everything in her power to ethically protect her clients’ rights, hold the government to the burden of proof, and ensure the court applies the law fairly, evenly, and correctly before the court, with all its powers, revokes your freedom or places severe restrictions on you.

Attorney Noyes will stand between you, the government, and the court because in the criminal justice system, the criminal defense attorney is an accused’s only friend.  She fights on her clients’ behalf every day to ensure that justice is done.

Rights of Someone Accused with a Crime in Ohio.

If you have never been charged with a crime before, or even if you have, you might wonder what rights you have. Most people assume that their “rights” are those recited in the Miranda Warnings. Miranda warnings apply when you are in custody, and the police ask you questions about an incident that could lead you to incriminate yourself. Under the Miranda decision, you, as a person under arrest for a crime, have the absolute right to remain silent. No one can make you say anything. You have the inalienable right to have an attorney present during the police questioning, and a lawyer would be appointed if you wanted one. It is important to remember that all you say to police could be used against you in court.

A person facing criminal charges in Ohio has other rights as well. When you go to court to dispute the charges, you have a right to a trial by a jury of your peers for most offenses in Ohio. Additionally, you have the right to cross-examine the witnesses that appear before the court and testify against you. You also have the right to summons witnesses and have them give testimony on your behalf as well. Furthermore, you have the right to review all of the evidence the prosecution has against you before you hear about it at trial. These rights are your due process rights guaranteed by the U.S. and Ohio constitutions.

Facing a Misdemeanor or Felony Charge in Ohio?

Call Natalie A. Noyes, Esq. today at (614) 733-9999 for a no-obligation case review. Attorney Noyes will address all of your rights and legal options, including taking the case to trial and fight it all the way or try to limit your exposure by admitting responsibility in exchange for a lighter sentence so you and your family can move on with your lives.