Family Law

Family Law Overview

Are you and your ex-spouse filing for divorce? Have you and the other parent of your child separated or divorced and now cannot agree on custody over and visitation with the child? Are you needing to prove or disprove a parent-child relationship between another person and your child? These and other similar legal disputes are resolved through family law proceedings.

Family law proceedings tend to be some of the most heated legal disputes of any area of law. When a person’s marriage or child is at stake, emotions can run high. This often sparks a similar response in the other party, resulting in more animosity and hostility that delays the successful resolution of the legal dispute. Trust me, attorney Shannon Dawes, and my firm, Dawes Legal, LLC, to handle your family law matter in a professional and efficient manner.

Common Family Law Disputes and Issues

A family law proceeding (naturally) resolves around the family unit and the relationships that comprise a family unit. Many of the legal issues that surface in family law cases are addressed by statutes and/or precedential court decisions. Having an attorney on your side who is knowledgeable as to the applicable law in your case means that you have a greater opportunity to resolve your dispute quicker and more successfully than if you represented yourself.

At Dawes Legal, LLC, my firm and I can assist you with various family law matters, including:

Divorce: When a marriage is terminated in Ohio, there are a variety of matters that a court must decide before pronouncing the marriage ended. The manner in which these issues are decided can have a profound impact on the financial stability of the parties following the divorce as well as the ability of one parent to play an active role in the life of his or her child.

Child Custody: Even years after a divorce has been finalized, custody disputes still commonly arise. They typically arise when either one parent wants to obtain sole or primary custody over the child or one or both parents are dissatisfied with the visitation schedule in place.

Paternity: A parent-child relationship is either established or disproved through a paternity action. Being declared to be the legal parent to a child gives the person visitation and custody rights to the child but also creates the obligation to financially support the child with child support.

Military Couples: There are special concerns in family law cases in which one or both parties are members of the Armed Forces. If certain laws are not abided by and followed, a divorce or other family law judgment may be rendered void. This results in needless delay and expenses for both parties. Additionally, obtaining child support or exercising visitation can be complicated by military service.

Grandparent Rights: Although grandparents do not have as many rights to their grandchildren as the parents of the child do, Ohio law does give grandparents who are denied visitation with their grandchildren some limited legal recourse.

Adoption: Adding a new child into your home through adoption can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Having an attorney assist you in navigating the process and clearing the hurdles can help expedite the process.

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