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Pros and Cons of a Do it Yourself Divorce in Ohio

Pros and Cons of a Do it Yourself Divorce in Ohio
January 20, 2018 Shannon Dawes
The Conciliation Process in an Ohio Divorce

Pros and Cons of a Do it Yourself Divorce in Ohio

When you are considering a divorce or dissolution of marriage in Ohio, you might be tempted to try to do it yourself. In Ohio, this is referred to as a “pro se” divorce, meaning without a lawyer. While it can seem like the process involves just some simple paperwork, you should be aware of the drawbacks of trying to go through your divorce or dissolution without legal counsel.

Potential Advantages of DIY

Some people might benefit from going through this process without lawyers, and they might find the following advantages in doing so:

  • Money – In some respects, a pro se divorce can save you some money. You do not have to pay attorneys’ fees, which is the largest reason why many people contemplate going this route.
  • Working together – Sometimes a pro se divorce can force the spouses to get along and come to agreements. Without lawyers, you have to work through issues on your own, so you have to maintain communication and decide issues together.
  • Learning – You will certainly learn a lot by filing and finalizing your divorce yourself. You will have to educate yourself about state law and about all of your assets, potential legal issues, and what matters most to you in the divorce agreement.

Even considering the potential benefits of DIY, the majority of people will benefit far more from hiring experienced attorneys. When you try to do all of this alone, things can quickly tip out of your favor.

Disadvantages of a DIY Divorce

The disadvantages of a pro se divorce or dissolution usually outweigh the advantages for most people.

  • Time – You might think bypassing legal representation will save you time, but it can actually cost you a lot of time. While you can benefit from your attorney’s knowledge right away, it will take a considerable effort on your part to find out all the laws you need to consider and all the forms you need to complete.
  • Money – While money is a potential advantage to DIY, it can also play into the disadvantages. If you make a mistake or do not effectively advocate for yourself, you could end up losing a lot of money in your divorce that a lawyer could have saved you.
  • Complicating factors – Most marriages involve joint and separate assets, child custody agreements, and retirement benefits. These are complicated issues to try to unpack on your own. Especially if one spouse was/is in the military, there are even more factors you need to consider. An attorney can make sure you are not missing anything and all your rights are protected.
  • Arguments or deceit – Many divorces involve arguments as to division of assets, custody agreements, and spousal support. Unfortunately, some people also try to hide assets from their spouses. Attorneys can protect you during these times and can neutralize a lot of the emotions involved in a divorce.

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