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Where to Begin in the Divorce, Dissolution Process in Ohio

Where to Begin in the Divorce, Dissolution Process in Ohio
December 23, 2018 Shannon Dawes
Divorce Discovery Process in Ohio

Beginning the Divorce, Marriage Dissolution Process in Ohio

You know you are ready to file for divorce or begin the process of dissolution, but where do you begin? The process might seem overwhelming, particularly when emotions are high between you and your spouse. Dawes Legal, LLC, provides some advice on getting started with your Ohio divorce or dissolution in the blog below.

First Steps in Divorce and Dissolution

The beginning steps of your divorce or dissolution will depend on which process you have chosen for ending your marriage. In Ohio, divorce and dissolution are distinct processes with the same outcome. Your marriage will be legally terminated through both means, but the steps involved in each are different.

If you are filing for divorce, you are alleging fault on the part of your spouse. Under Ohio law, fault grounds for divorce include imprisonment, adultery, gross neglect, and extreme cruelty, among others. In divorce cases, the first step is filing a complaint with the court. This complaint alleges fault against the non-filing spouse and requests the court’s order approving a divorce. Next, you will need to arrange for service of process on your spouse, a step in which you must provide your spouse with a copy of the complaint.

In a divorce, you might want to schedule a hearing with the court after service to place temporary orders for your separation prior to the finalization of your divorce. These orders might apply to subjects like alimony, child support, or decisions about the family home.

Alternatively, a dissolution requires no showing of fault and no initial filing with the court. Dissolution in Ohio is often called “no-fault divorce.” The spouses work together to reach an agreement before involving the court in any capacity. The first step in dissolution is to begin discussions with your spouse about major topics like division of property and shared parenting. You should also consider using mediation to come to agreements with your spouse.

Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Regardless of which process you choose in Ohio, the best initial action you can take is hiring a skilled attorney. Under Ohio law, you can complete your divorce or dissolution without legal counsel, but many times, the potential advantages of this route are heavily outweighed by the drawbacks. In the event your spouse has retained counsel, you will certainly want to hire your own attorney.

When you are working with an attorney, you will have the benefit of that attorney’s experience and knowledge of Ohio laws on divorce and dissolution. You never have to worry about what step comes next or how to handle it, because your attorney will guide you through the whole process.

If you are considering filing for divorce or starting the process of dissolution in Ohio, contact Dawes Legal, LLC, to schedule a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney. You can reach our Ohio office today by calling (614) 733-9999.