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Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Columbus, Ohio Child Custody Case

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Columbus, Ohio Child Custody Case
February 24, 2019 Shannon Dawes
An explanation Ohio's “Best Interest of the Child” Standard

When a marriage erodes, and parents can no longer live together as spouses, the children can get caught in between the people they love more than anything in the world. Emotions can run very high for the parents and the children as well, which can cause the children to suffer. Fortunately, most parents want the best for their children even if the adults cannot live together any longer. As a result of the love for their children, the parents work together to help their children adjust to their new lives.

Unfortunately, there are situations which arise where children get caught in the middle of their parents’ problems. They can be used as a pawn in a cruel game between the parents who are taking out their frustration and anger on each other. These situations are grueling and can take a toll on the children.

Each of these scenarios comes with a set of unique challenges. That is why you need a knowledgeable, successful, and skilled child custody lawyer like Shannon Dawes, Esq and her team with Dawes Legal, LLC to represent you in your Columbus, Ohio child custody case. You can rely on her experience to protect your rights to be a parent to your children and, in turn, allow your children to grow up in a loving and nurturing environment.

Acting as Your Own Lawyer in a Columbus Child Custody Case is Dangerous

You take on an additional burden when you represent yourself in a child custody matter in Ohio. Self-represented parties are responsible for knowing and understanding Ohio’s child custody laws, which are complex and difficult to understand. Thorny issues like where your children will live, how often you get to see them, how much money you might pay or receive in child support when you can vacation with them, and where they will attend school, must be considered under Ohio law. Making these decisions in an overly emotional state, however, can result in forfeiting precious rights to which you are entitled as a parent.

However, when you have a compassionate, knowledgeable, and skilled Ohio child custody lawyer like Shannon Dawes, Esq by your side, you can concentrate on what is best for your children. Having a trustworthy Ohio child custody lawyer fight to protect your rights will ensure that the judge’s rulings or the results of negotiations will be just for you and your children. Even if you and your former spouse agree about how your child custody arrangement, you can unknowingly put yourself in an unfavorable legal position by doing what you feel is right rather than considering all of the legal ramifications of your agreement. Attorney Dawes will carefully review any proposed agreement with you and make sure you understand the significance of the proposal to make certain you are doing what is in your best interest and the best interest of your children.

Turn to Shannon Dawes, Esq for your Columbus Child Custody Case

Contact Shannon Dawes, Esq and her team at Dawes Legal, LLC today at 614-733-9999 to discuss your rights and obligations under Ohio child custody laws. Attorney Dawes and the staff with Dawes Legal, LLC will provide you with the legal advice you deserve while treating you and your family with compassion and dignity.