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Writing a Will in Ohio

Writing a Will in Ohio
January 5, 2018 Shannon Dawes
Franklin County Ohio estate planning lawyer

Writing a Will in Ohio

Should I Write My Own Will in Ohio? 

As people begin to think about the possessions and property they will leave behind in their passing, they often consider drafting their own wills. A will is the best way to ensure your property is handled exactly how you wish, so it is a very wise idea to create one. In the state of Ohio, you can create your own will, as long as you meet all the legal requirements of will formation.

For a will to be valid under Ohio law, the following factors must be true:

  1. The testator (subject of the will) must be at least 18 years of age or older;
  2. The testator must be of sound mind and memory and not under any kind of duress or undue influence from someone else;
  3. The will must be in writing;
  4. The testator must sign the will upon its completion;
  5. The testator’s signature must be witnessed by two disinterested parties (people who do not stand to gain from the will); and
  6. The will must be signed by the two witnesses.

In Ohio, you can actually hand write your own will, so you don’t necessarily need a computer to draft your will. About half the states in the country allow this, and Ohio allows it as long as the other requirements of will formation have been satisfied. Most people still choose to type or have someone type their wills to be sure every section is legible and clear.

Though it is possible to create your own will in Ohio, it is advantageous for most people to seek the advice of an experienced attorney. The purpose of a will is to give the property you care about to the people you care about, so it is not something you want to risk to save a little money. By working with a lawyer, you can be sure that your desires are clearly stated and that your will meets every requirement under the law.

Why Hiring an Attorney Can Be Cost Effective and More Effective

An attorney will help you go through all of your assets to ensure everything is covered under the will and will help you decide what options are best for you and your family. It is not always easy to think about these things, and it can be overwhelming to try to account for everything you own. People writing their own wills often forget important assets, like retirement benefits or pensions, or forget to name an executor. Your attorney can also help you with living wills and powers of attorney that will provide additional protections for you and your loved ones, should anything happen to you.

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